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Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

Choice is a strong believer in social innovation and financing our projects sustainably via social enterprise activities. Our past social enterprise activities have provided Choice a sustainable means to implement projects in the UK and in India. These activities include: conferences, UK-India networking events and seminars. We attracted many corporate sponsors in the UK and in India. Our past sponsors included: Pennington LLP, Infosys, Capgemini, Wipro  and Air India.

We have also provided consultancy and training on diversity and disability equality for corporates and international development origanisations. Some of our previous clients include: Action on Disability Development, UK (ADD), Hilton Chennai and ITC Chola.

Choice aims to continue its social enterprise activities and secure further corporate support in the UK and overseas.

Some of our Social enterprise activities include;

  • Equality and Diversity consultancy and training, specialising in sports and fitness
  • Coaches and community leaders training in disability sports and fitness
  • Seminars and conferences in CSR diversity inclusion and disability equality
  • ‘Food for thoughts’ networking events
  • Other innovative fundraising activities